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Kowno 24-25 May 2008

Igor Graholski: Kayserlich Russisch Deutsche Legion The Municipality of Kaunas , City Hall, and Kaunas War History Club is making preparations to the commemorations 600 years of Magdeburg Rights. During the Days of Kaunas 23-25 of May we will stage a historical episode of 1794 rebellion –rear-guard battle between Russian Army under the command of count general L. Bennigsen and Lithuanian troops leading by duke general R. Giedraitis (Giedrojc). It is planned the participation of at least 200- 250 soldiers. The President Union of the European Historical Military Groups Major- General i. TR. Helmut A. J. Eberl and Vice President Brigadier- General Gьnther Mayer will take part in this event. Working with cooperation the Mayor of Kaunas Mr. Andrius Kupиinskas, main guardian of this celebrations, we kindly invite your unit (group) to take part in this feast. TO JOIN IN. We kindly asked to put the necessary facts in purpose of the organization your accommodation in bivouac,which will be settled in the closed territory of Lithuanian army, Non- commissioned Officers Center, so organizers will hope to ensure security to the participants and their equipment. Please send us: -fool name of your Regiment with contact address of person, responsible of your group. -number of the members (officers and soldiers ) . All groups are kindly requested to send a participant list which is necessary to pay soldiers salary (name, address, passport No ) -number of the riffles and cannons -number of the owned historical tents -number of your cars or buses We are looking for historical Regiments and units from period 1765- 1813 that will arrive to Kaunas and take part in the battle. The staging of the battle will be accompanied by many events: -march through the historical streets -show of military camp- bivouac life to the inhabitants -unveiling ceremony on the Grave of Unknown Soldier and short report commanders of units to the Mayor of Kaunas -reception commanders of units in City Hall EXPECTED PROGRAM Friday, the 23 of May -arrival, accommodation and set up the camp -consultation commanders of units -supper at the camp Saturday, the 24 of May -breakfast -preparations of the regiments to the battle -handing in the gun powder -visiting the camp by the guests -payment partial traveling expenses to the participants -lunch -march of the participants through the center city -reconstruction of the battle in old town -soldiers feast and dinner Sunday, the 25 of May -breakfast -set off the camp and departure of participants The organizers ensure food prepared by service of Lithuanian army and settling the participants, who have not own historical tents, in usual military tents. Soldiers salary: 50 - 150 lt/person (15-43 euro/person) what depends on travel distance and the currency. We kindly asked to confirm us about your possibility to take part in this meeting till 23 of April. After your confirmation the organizers will send you more information and legend. We hope to say Welcome and see you in Kaunas. The Grand Hetmon of Kaunas War History Club Lieutenant- Colonel Count’s Rudolph Tyzenhaus battery of mounted artillery

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